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Alice (Belgique, 32 ans).

Au pays de l’éveil, dans ta jupe colorée

Tu dépeins un passé, de lumières et d’obscures

Tu t’émerveilles sous le ciel bleu des jours partagés

Entre amis, un festin, de ces instants d’azurs

Toi qui chantes sous la pluie, qui résonne dans mon cœur

Tu viens laver mes peurs, mes parts d’ombres, les débris

D’une enfance avortée, à défier la pesanteur

Tu as trouvé de l’or dans chacun des replis

Tu as touché le vrai, dans le fond et la norme

Tu as trouvé la paix, en lâchant tout en somme

En allant au plus près, de tes craintes, de tes rêves

Tu honores le présent, ce secret qui élève

Les esprits, sans efforts, puisque tout est déjà là

Qu’il suffit d’écouter, qu’il suffit d’être toi

Au pays de l’éveil, dans ta jupe colorée

Je t’admire, mon amie, devant tant de beauté

Poème: Nadir Mokdad


Alice (Belgium, 32 years old).

An open letter to my friend To my dear Hanneke (Alice),

As I write to you at the close of our time with you at Source Temple, our first encounter comes to mind. I remember we were sitting in a café to call you. We started our video chat, and then had to switch to audio because the internet was spotty. Even through the apparent unsteadiness, your soft, soothing voice came through. I somehow knew on a subtle level that there was a match in energy, or frequency, whatever we may want to call it. A resonance for friendship, for standing on common ground and walking the path side by side. You said “this feels right” [our coming to Source Temple]. We learned after that our dear friend Juliana was next to you, a silent accomplice in the call , encouraging the idea of us coming. And before that, our friend Anne-Claire gave the initial spark for us to go. Indeed, everything did open up for us to land in your Wonderland, a somewhat mysterious place.

I was told that I would be able to feel your heart through your chest when we hugged. My informant was absolutely right, and so I joined my heart to yours many times to symphonize with the melody of your radiant, generous love. Without any words or hesitation, you placed your unwavering trust upon us, blessing us to roam freely in our artistic endeavours.There were moments when I felt lost, trapped in the thick forest of my mind’s ramblings. Somehow you always appeared out of nowhere. It was as if I were in a dream where space and time merged into another perceptual reality and informed you to come find me. You would come with that knowing smile of yours, we would laugh and then I would let myself cry, and you just held me. Your presence gives me space to breathe.

Thank you friend,

I love you,


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