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Roger (Brésilien, 39 ans).

«Lâcher prise, être humble et persister dans l’amour». -Roger.

A fleur de peau, en quête de sens Sur un bateau, sans mère qui panse Le coeur qui tangue et qui divague Privé d’horizons, une mauvaise blague Des larmes du fond de ses entrailles Une force qui remonte les courants Qui révèle tout son éventail De bleus, de verts et puis de blancs Quand on a trouvé la lumière Qu’on est plus tout seul à ramer Qu’on se reconnaît dans nos frères Que les maux deviennent nos alliés Jeter son encre sans amertume Aimer les autres pour ce qu’ils sont Et ne plus porter de costumes Pour être libre sans conditions

Poème: Nadir Mokdad


Ashes to Sun Skin to Seen You are Home.

Twelve is Complete Siblings Unite Heart Opening.

O final do “ema” So pede que “Ame”

Roger, 39 years old, Brazilian

At first, people from the community found the connections we have. When I said I had graduated from a Hospitality Management School in Switzerland, someone said “Did you know Roger also did that?” (he went to Les Roches). When someone saw I had an eczema, “Ah, Roger has been through a lot with it”. At last when we met, it was evident we had more than Brazilian heritage in common, we both also have Asian roots (Roger is half Japanese). I feel that Nadir and I followed the signs to meet him in the context of our project, and Roger recounted many signs that led him to be here.

A resonance of heritage and origins, a crossing of paths, a map on our skins. Symbolic numbers, only to heighten the already graceful encounter. Moments of instant recognition, our exchange became wordless, sacred. We are brother and sister, and for that I am grateful.“Surrender, be humble, and persist in love.” That is the journey, as Roger sees it.


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